On Me Too Movement and Rising Awareness to Sexual Assault

I am 25 and female and I have been touched by the rising movement to speak honestly about sexual assault in our culture. Women have felt brave enough to step forward and share their stories, demanding change.

The Me Too Movement is a start. Sexual assault affects the lives of many women, rich and poor, white, black, brown and everywhere in between.

I’ve been thinking of what I want my place to be in making a major problem better. And I don’t know yet. But, I believe it is vital to take the steps in our everyday lives to make these social ills better. That means advocating for change in the workplace, in politics and in our very own private spheres. Too many victims have not received justice and I want to be part of the solution.

So, I will be educating myself, learning to be an change agent in preventing assault, harassment and other abuses and finding ways to be involved in my everyday life.

Even though, we may not have a clear path, we can always contribute towards a better future by just starting the journey.


A Poem

This is my first blog post. It’s a poem, based on real memories. To get a taste of my style and themes, please read.

An Ode to the Mangoes Mom Loved

By Samelia Bankole

It’s her favorite fruit

To pick up at the store

She peels off the vibrant green skin

Her tan hands as huge

As the mangoes, themselves


The yellow interior starts to show as she peels

She slices the mango piece by piece like a pro

She hands you a slice

It’s sweet and firm


Kind of like the mangoes that grew in mom’s backyard

In Liberia

In her backyard, there were big mango trees

She helped grow them

She used to climb the tree with her siblings

And sit high in the tree’s branches

Eating mangoes

With no need for a knife

This turns out to be her favorite memories

In a hard childhood


As she shares the slices of sweet goodness

With you

You are building new memories with her

And receiving a piece of home

From her to you